BAER Team – Victorian Fires 2009 – The Task and Team

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Doug Beckers and the 2009 Victorian Bushfire Emergency BAER Team

During February-March 2009, I was privileged enough to be able to contribute to the Victorian Bushfire emergency as a member of the BEAR Team evaluating bushfire recovery and rehabilitation as part of the Emergency management Team at Alexandra in central Victoria.

BAER Team logo Victoria 2009

What is the BAER Team?

The BAER Team is the Burned Area Emergency Response team. The team is made up of specialists from various disciplines in emergency fire management and recovery and the team is part of the Department of the Interior of the United States Government.

The 2009 BAER team was invited by the Victorian Government to assist with the evaluation of the impacts of the huge wildfires that occurred in Victoria in February and March 2009. Two BAER teams assisted in Victoria and I worked with the team on the Kilmore East-Murrindindi fires based in Alexandra.

What an incredible experience it was working at Alexandra, seeing all the fire devastation and talking with locals about their experiences in the fires. Something I will never forget and has made a lasting impression on my perception of community and fire management.

The Kilmore-Murrindindi BAER Team

BAER Team - Kilmore-Murrindindi Fires 2009

2009 Kilmore-Murrindindi BAER Team. 2009 BAER Team - Victoria Australia. Back row left-right, Margaret Kitchin, John Costenaro, Nora Caplette, Erv Gasser, Gavin Lovell. Front row, left-right, Fred Von Bonin, Lisa Jameson, Chuck James, Judy Hallisey, William (Bill) Sims, Mike Dolan, Richard Easterbrook, Ken Griggs, Richard Pyzik, Doug Beckers

Team members:

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