Nothing worse than a drowned bandicoot in your pool

April 27, 2010 by · 29 Comments
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An unwelcome surprise in your pool – a drowned native marsupial

Ever gone outside in the morning to admire your pool and found that there is something dead floating in the water? Unfortunately, lots of native wildlife drown each year in backyard swimming pools, not because they cannot swim, it is because they cannot get out and swim until they are exhausted and then drown.

Doug Beckers with drowned juvenile Northern Brown Bandicoot

Doug Beckers with a drowned juvenile long-nosed bandicoot

Northern Brown Bandicoot

A juvenile long-nosed bandicoot that drowned in a backyard swimming pool

I have heard stories of adult northern-brown bandicoots, long-nosed bandicoots, snakes falling into swimming pools and koalas fall into backyard swimming pools on the NSW coast and will drown in pools if they cannot get out.

Why can’t they get out?

Well most Australian wildlife can swim very well -check out the koala video below Read more

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