An unexpected discovery – Dungowan Star-bush

May 2, 2009 by
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The identity of an unknown shrub.

You know, identifying eucalyptus trees sometimes can be difficult and it is necessary to get some fruit, or gum nuts, in order to correctly identify the plants. When working in the area around Tamworth area in northern NSW Australia, while conducting a vegetation survey of the riparian zone, I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Dungowan Dam catchment area and it was here that I made an interesting discovery.

I wanted to identify a particular tree, so I through a fishing line over a branch to retrieve some gum nuts. The line was weighted with a sinker and it landed within a patch of plants that I had not seen before. Were the plants something new to me that I haven’t seen before, or maybe even a new discovery?

Asterolasia "Dungowan Creek" blog

A new discovery, Asterolasia "Dungowan Creek"

Well as it turns out, I did identify the tree, but the shrubs on the ground were unknown to science and was a new species! Very exciting indeed, imagine finding a new species.

Since this discovery, new populations of the Dungowan Star-bush have been found, and the plant has been recognised as a threatened species. One day I might even get around to giving the plant a proper scientific name.


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