Getting our hands dirty with the Velvet Star-bush

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Does the Endangered plant, Velvet Star-bush (Zieria involucrata) grow on Yellow podsols, grey earths or yellow-grey duplex soils?

Velvet Star-bush monitoring

Velvet Star-bush growing in Yengo National Park

We wanted to find out what type of soil the Endangered plant, Velvet Star-bush (Zieria involucrata) grows on, and classify the landscape it grows within, to help us find more populations of the plant within Yengo National Park and Parr State Conservation Area. The plant grows near the town of St Albans on the MacDonald River in New South Wales and is regarded as endangered.

Our team of Ranger Richard Colbourne, Soils Scientist Sally McInnes-Clarke and local resident, local bushfire brigade specialist Ian Elton and myself as the ecologist, examined the soils at several sites where the plant grows.

Velvet Star-bush monitoring

Richard Colbourne, Sally McInnes-Clarke and Ian Elton assessing soil characteristics

We assessed the soil type, texture pH and loads of other soil features. We also assessed landscape position to help us beter understand the plants ecology so we can manage it better.

Bourke and Wills Swag

Camping at Heartbreak Hill in my Bourke and Wills Swag

We camped at Heartbreak Hill camping are in Yengo National Park so we could easily access the plants. The Bourke and Wills swag was great despite the cold night, I was toasty warm. The curry was excellent around the campfire and the company was great!

Soil Sampling

Soils at one of the Zieria involucrata sites

Notes, notes notes.

It is important to always take lots of notes in a field book on these trips. The Zieria involucrata plants were nearly in flower and there was other wildlife including Glossy-black Cockatoos around the camp which were also recorded and the records put into our wildflife database of threatened birds.

Doug Beckers field notes

Doug Beckers taking notes in a field book. Funny hat though!

The field work was great with this team of specialists and we saw lots of interesting plants animals and cultural sites.

Ian and Richard

Ian Elton and Richard Colbourne having a laugh on the Womerah Track

Let’s go searching for more of these plants!


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