On the hunt for a Long-nosed Potoroo

May 3, 2009 by
Filed under: Australian Mammals 
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Searching for a long-nosed potoroo

This week I’m off to Mt Royal to search for Long-nosed potoroos, rufous bettongs, spotted-tailed quolls and Hastings River Mice. All of these are threatened Australian Mammals, the potaroo and the bettong are kangaroo-like animals but are only about 30-40cm tall. The quoll is a carnivore and the ones we catch are about 2kg and very interesting when handled and the Hastings River Mouse is obviously a rodent.

These medium sized animals are caught in a cage trap like the one shown below. We use a bait ball comprised of peanut butter and honey, and a piece of bread with strawberry jam as the bait. Sometimes we catch birds and large goannas as well in the traps.

Animal Trap with possum - dougbeckers.com

A cage trap used to capture medium sized animals

Hopefully we won’t get much rain, looking forward to the company. I’ll fill you in on what we caught when I get back in a week as there is no phone reception or an internet connection where I’m staying.


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