Somersby Mintbush and Fire

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Somersby Mintbush recovers from fire by producing seedlings.

I was involved with the burning of a patch of bush at Somersby on the Central Coast of New South Wales which contains some of the Endangered plant Somersby Mintbush (Prostanthera junonis).

Checking out the Somersby Mintbush before the fire

Checking out the Somersby Mintbush before the fire

We monitored the effect of the burn on the plants and adult plants that were fully burnt died, but if the plant crown was not burnt, they did not die.

Somersby Mintbush

Adult Somersby Mintbush showing adult leaves and flowers

Since the fire,  many seeds buried in the ground have germinated, resulting in many seedlings.


Somersby Mintbush Seedlings

The juvenile plants have leaves that are different to the adult plants. The leaves are broader in the juveniles.

Prostanthera-junonis juvenile leaves

Juvenile Leaves of the Somersby Mintbush - Prostanthera junonis

I’m continuing to monitor the progress of these seedlings and the development of the adult plants at this location and several others.

Prostanthera junonis flowers

Somersby Mintbush Flowers

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